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How To Order On-Line:  Easy Instructions

NOTICE 6/5/18: This web page is about to undergo substantial revision to bring it up to date. Best check back in a week or two for the current version.

How To Order On-Line

Step 1: Log In

Log in to the United Natural Foods (UNFI) web site:

Use your username and password, which were e-mailed to you when you joined the Coop. If you ever need either or both, contact the Food Mill orderers, who assign usernames and passwords.
Important:  Do NOT change your username or password. Our orderers access your account as part of the ordering process; changing your username and password would keep them from doing so.

Once you are logged in, links to almost everything you need to do are in a green menu strip across each page (near the top) on the UNFI web site.

Step 2: Order

Start With Your Cart!
To start, click on Cart (icon at the very top of each web page on the UNFI web site). You will see the contents of your Order Cart. You can add to your order, change an existing order, or start a new order (if your cart is empty). To make changes in any product in your cart, click on the "Edit" button for that entry. A new "Item Detail" window will pop up, offering 2 options:
• click on "Edit" to change your order for that product; when you are done making the changes, click on "Update."
• click on "Delete" to remove that product from your Order Cart.
When you are done, if the "Item Detail" popup window is still open, close it by clicking on the little 'X' in the window's upper right corner. See also "Cart & Ordering Hints" below.

Add To Your Cart -- 3 Ways To Do It
Here are three ways to add a product to your Order Cart; use whichever you find most convenient. For Methods #1 and #2, you need to already know the product code. If you don't know the product code, use Method #3 (product search).

Method #1: From your Order Cart
In your order cart, click on the button "+ Add New Item." An "Item Entry" pop-up window will appear; type in the product code (you have to know that in advance) and quantity. If you want to share the product, check the “Split” box; otherwise leave it and "More" blank. The “More” box is used only if you are splitting: if you are willing to take a larger quantity of a product you are splitting (to insure it will be ordered if not fully shared), under “More” you enter how many more units you’d take. When you are done, click on “Add Item” (<Return> doesn’t work) and the product is immediately added to your Order Cart.

Method #2: From the "Quick Entry" page

With Method #1, you can only enter one product code at a time. To enter a lot of product codes all at once, go to the “Quick Entry” page: from the green menu strip on any UNFI web page, highlight "Orders" with your mouse and click on the only entry listed, "Quick Entry." You will be presented with a blank "Quick Entry" table.  At the top of the table is a strip to enter the product code and other product information; when you are done click on the "+ Add Item" button on the right. The product will appear in the table below, and you can immediately enter another product. When you are done with everything you want to enter, click on the button at the top right: "+ Add All Items to Cart."

Method #3: From a Product Search

What if you don't know the product number, or want to research several products? Use the product search option, and add the product you want to your Order Cart directly from the product search results. To do this, use the product search boxes located just above the right end of the green menu strip. Searching by product description is pre-selected, but you can also search by product code, brand, or even UPC. Enter what you want to search for in the empty box, and click on the magnifying glass icon. If you want more information than is in the table that follows, click on the number in the "Product Code" column. You can add the product directly to your cart from any of these windows. For more details on how to do product searches, go to the Food Mill Coop's How To Get Product Information page.

Cart & Ordering Hints

There is no "Submit" button to click because the job of the Food Mill Coop's orderers is to submit everyone's order. When you are done ordering, simply log out. Come back whenever you want to change or add to your order; you can do that until the deadline when order is due.

• Be sure to get your on-line order done by 5 pm on the due date; later than that and you will miss the order. Orders cannot be changed after they have been submitted to UNFI.

• If you are sharing a product by checking the "split" box, be sure to also e-mail what you want to share to Eric Godfrey, so he can post it on our Coop's Sharing List. Otherwise nobody else in the Coop will know that you want to share that product, and it probably won't be ordered. Also the Coop's Sharing List and splits on the UNFI web site need to agree, since our orderers compare both sources in preparing the Coop order.

• You do not have to know whether a product is fully shared when you place your order. Deciding whether to order incompletely shared products is done by the Coop's orderers.

Prices on the UNFI web site do not show volume discounts and Extra Specials. Two discounts are not included in the price in your Order Cart: (1) the 12% volume discount on non-sale items received by Food Mill Coop working members; (2) discounts for Extra Specials. Your basket will show the current price from the Buying Club price list catalog (which is higher). However, the correct discounted price will appear on your final invoice. If a sale price is for a smaller discount than our 12% volume discount, your invoiced price be at 12% off if you are a working member.

• You must allow pop-up windows in your web browser to order on the UNFI web site; a lot of the information described above appears in a pop-up window on UNFI's web site. Most web browsers can allow pop-up windows for individual web sites; see your web browser’s Preferences for this capability. Hint: to close any pop-up window on the UNFI web site, click on a small 'X' in the upper right corner of the window; sometimes pressing the <Escape> key will also work.

Invoices are posted on the UNFI web site after the order has been assembled at UNFI's Racine warehouse (“picked”) and loaded on the truck; this is typically on the Sunday evening before our Monday delivery.  You can see your own individual invoice listing what was ordered and shipped, case splits, discounts, etc. This final invoice will include discounts for Extra Specials if applicable to your order, and will include the 12% discount on non-sale items if you are a working member. Optionally, you can print your own invoice as soon as it is available on line; typically this is very late on the Sunday night prior to delivery.

To See and Print Your Invoice . . .
• On the UNFI web site, click on "Reports" on right end of the green menu strip that runs across the top part of each web page.
• Click on "Member Invoice." You will get a drop down menu with your current and all past invoices (back to May 2014), and options for format and delivery. Select the invoice you want.
• For format, use PDF (already pre-selected) unless you know you want one of the other formats. Click on either "Download" or "E-mail" me and the invoice you've chosen will be delivered to you.

This web page was written and is maintained by Eric Godfrey; it was last updated on 21 July 2014.