Ripon Food Mill Coop
M3 Items - How do we share them?

If you see a code "M3" to the right of the 7-digit product code in the UNFI price list, it signifies that UNFI sells that product by the unit, but requires a minimum order of 3 units. On the UNFI web site, the term "M3" isn't used; instead for that product you will see a "3' in the "Min Qty" column in a product order table. Unfortunately UNFI's software does not allow "M3" products to be split. So here's how the Food Mill Co-op gets around that:

To share an "M3" product, enter your request in the special M3 sharing tab, which is the middle tab of the "Ripon Food Mill Co-op Sharing List & Schedule" page on Google Sheets. HOWEVER!!! . . .

Do NOT add an "M3" product that you want to share to your on-line Order Cart; instead, our orderers will take care of ordering it. This is because . . .

Once the minimum order of 3 units has been met, our orderers (and not the individual co-op members) will order the "M3" product on behalf of the co-op. It will appear on the master invoice as having been ordered by the co-op (so it will never be on your invoice). It will be sold to you at the delivery as an "extra." By listing it for sharing, you agree to buy it as an extra when delivered.

Once the minimum order of 3 units has been met, any additional quantity of the product may still be requested, following this same procedure (i.e., 3 units is the minimum, there is no maximum).

This web page was last revised on 5 June 2018, and was created by Eric Godfrey.