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Each of these products from the United Natural Foods inventory has at least one enthusiastic fan in the Food Mill Coop. These member favorites are listed below in the same categories as in the Buying Club Annual price list catalog. For full information, such as ingredients, pack size, organic status, etc., do a product search on the UNFI web site. For current prices, including any sale discounts, see the Buying Club Annual and/or the latest monthly Specials price list.

Add your own favorites to this list! Simply e-mail the Coop following the format of listings below: product description, product code (if applicable), and a sentence or two on why you like the product. Your initials will appear in brackets at the end (unless you wish to be anonymous), as will the month of recommendation. If you want to second a product already listed, just e-mail to add your initials.

In the descriptions below, the 7-digit UNFI product code is in parentheses.

Cafe Altura organic coffee (especially 0728485, 0581991).  Buy it in the 5 pound bulk, grind as you need it and keep the rest in the freezer. It's better than Starbucks (a LOT better). We like the house blend. The Sumatra is a little more fruity/acidy. I'm not crazy about the french roast . . . a little too dark for my palate. DBe's favorite is Peruvian Dark whole bean (0582098); she prefers the Fair Trade varieties.  Listed under "Coffee & Tea"  [AR 11/09, seconded by DBe]

Cranberries, dried & sweetened ("craisins"), organic
(0948612).  These cranberries are moist, tangy without being bitter, and keep well on the shelf for a long time.  Club members always seem eager to share, so the order usually goes through.  Listed under "Dried Fruit"  [RJ 10/09, seconded by DBe & EG]

East Wind Peanut Butter, crunchy, organic, 5# bulk pail (0473553)  East Wind peanut butter is unadulterated -- just peanuts, and the taste difference is so noticable that I could never go back to chain store brands. This one is no-salt, but they make several varieties, and also sell them in 16-oz. jars. Tip by EG: the oil separates naturally; best to mix the entire container in a big bowl, and then repackage and refrigerate. It will stay mixed. AR adds that the plain is great for peanut soup or Thai peanut sauce, and she uses it for her dogs too! Listed under "Miscellaneous and Foodservice Sizes"; the non-bulk kinds are listed under "Grocery -- Nuts & Seed Spreads"  [EG and AR 11/09]

Golden Temple granolas (all kinds). Great flavors for a reasonable price, very tasty.  Gingersnap (0563528) is a favorite with a stronger kick to it than other brands. Listed under "Snacks, Trail Mix & Cereal" [JH 11/09, seconded by EG]

Macadamia nuts, raw & organic
(0149328).  Too expensive to indulge very often, but when oven-toasted to a light brown they are simply divine. Occasionally there's a sale. Listed under "Nuts & Seeds" [EG 10/09, seconded by DBe]

Rudi's English Muffins, organic, wheat (0821918).  These English muffins are very similar to the traditional ones so will be appreciated by family members who may not be crazy about some whole-wheat items that are coarser in texture.  They thaw well without becoming soggy and get crispy when toasted without becoming hard or dry.  Listed under "Baked Goods, Breakfast Foods, etc."  [RJ 10/09]

Sonoma Wraps organic whole wheat wraps (0999128). These tasty tortillas with extra virgin olive oil that come in biodegradable packaging are a favorite of mine. [DBo 11/09]

Greek Gods honey flavored yogurt (0761627). My all time favorite yogurt. It is not low fat, but it tastes JUST like cheesecake to me and way less calories than cheesecake! Also an extremely cheap lunch. Listed under "Yogurt & Cultured Products"  [AR 11/09]

Nancy's plain lowfat yogurt (in the 32 oz tubs) (0299354). This very mild (i.e., not sour) yogurt is GREAT for cooking, makes excellent yogurt cheese, and keeps very well unopened. Mixed with honey it is my 2nd favorite to the Greek Gods above. Listed under "Yogurt & Cultured Products"  [AR 11/09]

Organic Valley Orange Juice, organic, not from concentrate, with pulp
[0158295]  If it's important to you to drink organic orange juice, this is the best bet, with flavor as good as the big supermarket brands. Listed under "Fresh Beverages"  [EG 11/09]

Amy's Pasta Sauce, marinara, organic (0449546).  Flavorful without being funky.  Listed under "Pasta Sauces"  [RJ 10/09]

Bio-Kleen Auto Dish Powder (0260182). Does the job, and doesn't leave a residue; buy whenever on sale.  Listed under "Cleaning Supplies" [JH 11/09]

Clif Bars fall flavors: Spiced Pumpkin (0345751) and Iced Gingerbread (0728890)Great flavors for a quick lunch, provide variety. Seasonal, sold only in the fall. Listed under "Bars: Nutritional"  [JH 11/09]

Drews sesame orange salad dresssing (0964189). A great marinade for chicken or pork, also works in black bean salad. The smoked tomato (0910562) is also first rate. Listed under "Salad Dressings"  [AR 11/09]

Ecover auto dishwashing tablets (0901561). 25 tabs per box, takes up very little space under the sink, does a great job on dishes. Listed under "Cleaning Supplies" [AR 11/09]

Great River organic 7-Grain Bread Flour
(0113613).  This flour is great alone or mixed with other flours to make great French loaves or pan breads. Listed under "Baking Products, Mixes, Flours, Etc." [MS 10/09]

Knudson Blueberry Pomegranate Juice, organic (0714212). From the huge line of Knudson juices, this is one of our favorites, very flavorful almost reminiscent of wine. Listed under "Beverages: Juice, Nectar & Concentrates"  [EG 11/09]

Lakewood juices (another excellent line of organic juices). Organic, unfiltered, and highly nutritious. Especially good are the cherry, concord grape, blueberry, and pomegranate varieties. Listed under "Beverages: Juice, Nectar & Concentrates"  [PNI 11/09]

Martinelli's apple juice, unfiltered (e.g., 0801142). Any size good; not organic, but a tried and true flavor, unfiltered. Listed under "Beverages: Juice, Nectar & Concentrates"  [PNI 11/09]

Modern Spike Seasoning, Box
(0303305 or 0775502, 2 different sizes).  This seasoning is one my sons use on everything from beef to chicken to omelets. No MSG. Multi-purpose. Listed under "Seasoning & Salt, Packaged" [MS 10/09]

Modern Vege-Sal box (0657403).  All purpose seasoning salt -- I use in soups and salads. No MSG. Listed under "Seasoning & Salt, Packaged" [MS 10/09]

Nature's Path cereals (0200717, 0200741, 0901272, 0471128, & 047144)  Many different varieties that are unsweetened or minimally sweetened.  A huge variety, all but one organic. The large bags (6 bags/case) are a better buy, holding 32-35 oz. per bag. They keep fine (you can use a spring-type clothes peg to hold the bag closed while they are in use). The varieties named are Flax Plus, Optimum Power, Mesa Sunrise (EG's favorite), Heritage O's, and Multigrain Flake.  (DBe 11/09, with enthusiastic second by EG]

Pacific organic broth (in the 32 oz. shelf stable cartons). Their beef stock won a contest a couple years ago. We use mainly chicken and vegetable. Imagine broths are a close second, I buy what is on sale. Makes a huge difference in homemade soup and saves having to freeze homemade stock. EG likes #0792598, the low-sodium vegetable broth. Listed under "Soup, Broth & Chili (Jars & Cans)"  [AR 11/09, seconded by DBe & EG]

Pacific Foods Hazelnut Beverage
(0219014).  If your g-i tract has problems with both dairy and soy, give this lucious nut milk a try; not too sweet, and plenty of good hazelnut sludge at the bottom. Listed under "Beverages: Non-Dairy" [EG 10/09]

Sesmark Foods Ancient Grain Crackers (0648188).  They are wonderful! Crispy, with a little kick. They have quite a variety of flours/grains in their ingredients. This is the sea salt flavor, there's also a parmesan herb flavor (0648187). Listed under "Crackers"  [BC 11/09]

Simply Asia Stir Fry Sauces (0672147, 0672105, 0672162, 0672188).  Easy to cook and taste great. Really good for those nights when you donít have a plan for dinner! Can use with seitan or tofu for a non-meat meal (seitan works better). Listed under "Tamaris, Gravies & Other Sauces"  [JH 11/09]

Wolfgang Puck organic tortilla soup (0567818) This is our current household favorite, it's vegetarian and organic, but they are all consistently good. Listed under "Soup, Broth & Chili (Jars & Cans)"  [PNI 11/09]

Dr. Bronner's soaps. These unique soaps are the only certified organic ones on the market, and are made the old-fashioned way (no detergents, so they will leave soapy residue). Seem to have a uniquely rich and smooth lather. We use both the bars and liquid (for pumps); our favorites are the baby mild/aloe and rose. Watch for periodic sales. Listed under "Soaps, Body" [EG 10/09]

EcoDent Gentle Dental Floss
(0352849 or cinnamon 0623405). The only floss I've ever used that won't break, shred, or get caught. Vegan waxed, green packaging (which is kind of intricate). Pricey, but worth every penny. Listed under "Oral Hygiene" [EG 10/09]

Eo Products shampoos (any!).  Love the herby scents, not too sweet. Doesn't dry out my hair. Listed under "Hair Care"  [AR 11/09]

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