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You've landed on the information page for the Ripon Food Mill Co-op. Our cooperative is a buying club of about 35 Ripon-area families. We combine buying power to order from a huge selection of mainly natural and organic foods from our supplier, United Natural Foods, Inc., the largest U.S. wholesaler of such foods. We've been active since 1978. The co-op gives its members access to a much larger choice of high quality foods and personal care products than even a big city supermarket could provide, frequently at below-supermarket prices and sometimes with substantial savings.

This web page is only occasionally updated; it is here to help you find the information you need.

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If you are not a member, and want to know more about the Food Mill Co-op, and possibly join . . .
Want to find out more? We're all volunteers, and we'll be happy to help. To get started, click to read our Quick Facts About the Co-op page. It's a summary of what the co-op does. There's also a more detailed FAQ page (link at the bottom of this page). If you're interested, contact Kat, our answer person, for more information:

If you are a current co-op member, and need a question answered or problem addressed . . .
Use the list below to contact whoever is in charge of the relevant co-op function. This web page is public, so only the first name is shown; contact information (e-mail and phone number) is in your member directory. If you need a copy of the directory, or you are not sure who to contact, e-mail and someone appropriate will respond (this e-mail box is not checked every day, so we may take a few days to get back to you).

Order due & delivery schedule for this year: click here

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Who Does What at the Co-op (and where to get info you need)
The co-op board consists of Paul (president), Soren (treasurer), Mat (secretary), Diane (co-orderer), and Meg. Mat is secretary to the board, not a general co-op secretary; as board secretary Mat also archives past co-op data and e-mail files. Contact any board member with questions or suggestions about running the co-op.
Cashier at Deliveries
Laurie is morning cashier. Cathy D. (April-September) and Laird (October-March) split the job of afternoon cashier and closer. Contact a cashier if due to an unforeseen problem you can't pick up your order.
Meg handles getting credits from UNFI for damaged/defective products and also for such shipping errors as missing products or mispicks (wrong product/size sent).
Directory of Members
Laurie maintains and distributes the member directory. It is confidential, for internal use by co-op members only. Get in touch with her to change your contact information, or if you want a copy of the directory.

Dana is in charge of regular e-mail communication with members.
Diane and Katy do the ordering, and decide whether to order shared items ("splits") if they are not fully shared. They also set up accounts for members on the UNFI web site, and assign usernames and passwords for it. Contact either of them if you need your password.
Price Lists
There are two basic UNFI price lists: a monthly update of their full inventory, and the monthly Specials. You can view or download these yourself from your account on the UNFI web site. Download the instruction sheet "How to See Price Lists on the UNFI Web Site" here.
Pam is responsible for publicizing the co-op; she welcomes member suggestions. She does not answer external inquiries; that is Kat's job.
Kat is the person to go to with questions about the co-op, whether you are a current member or interested in joining the co-op. You can reach her at
Schedule of When Orders are Due & Deliveries
This schedule is posted on the Sharing List on Google Sheets (see "Sharing" -- next item below). The schedule is in the rightmost tab at the bottom of the page; you can print it for your convenience. Or you can go to this year's order due and delivery schedule page here on the co-op's web site by clicking here.
Sharing Requests (UNFI calls them "splits")
You now submit sharing requests yourself using the "Ripon Food Mill Co-op Sharing List & Schedule" page on Google Sheets; the address (URL) was e-mailed to all co-op members when the page went live in late May 2018. Using the 3 tabs at the bottom of that web site, you will find 3 pages: (left tab) a page that you can enter your own sharing requests on and follow their status; (middle tab) a special page for M3 sharing requests (see next topic below); and (right tab) for your convenience the co-op's annual schedule of order due dates and deliveries.
Sharing an M3 Product
To share an M3 product, go to the special M3 page on Google Sheets as described just above. Why do we have to do this? Read the explanation by clicking here.
Splitting Bulk Products at the Delivery

Allison is in charge of dividing bulk products that are being shared. Kat is the backup when Allison is away.
Truck Unloading at the Delivery
Paul unlocks the church back door, and helps unload the truck along with Pam, Beth (who also handles the invoices), and Nancy.
UNFI Contact
UNFI requires one member of a buying club they service to be "Coordinator" an official contact person to handle changes/issues between UNFI and our co-op. Paul (board president) currently fills that role.
Web Sites
Eric maintains this web site and its associated web pages. Soren and Travis maintain the co-op's Google Sheets site for sharing.

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Other Current Co-op Information

Co-op FAQ: frequently asked questions about almost every aspect of how the co-op works. If you have a question, there's a good chance it will be answered here.

Coming soon: a combination of 3 current pages into a simplified Price Lists, Products, and Ordering page.

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Co-op History Archived Web Pages
Although the co-op's web site has been scaled back recently, a few of the past web pages still contain useful information. These web pages are no longer updated and maintained. The date of last revision is at the bottom of each page.
Co-op Jobs. Describes all volunteer jobs in the co-op.
Member Favorites. Products that our members personally recommend; not updated for many years.

This web page was created by Eric Godfrey, and was last updated 11 June 2018.